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Our Assure Communications Suite

Gryphon secures your mobile communications by extending your corporate network to you, at home, the airport, or a hotel. Through a complete end-to-end solution that combines secure hardware, state-of-the art encryption, and hardened software, Gryphon protects your Voice, Messaging, and File Sharing, and provides protection for your mobile devices.

Our Unique Approach


Security Across
All Devices

Gryphon has built a complete, end-to-end communications solution, combining secure hardware, state-of-the-art encryption, and hardened software. Gryphon provides a turn-key secure communications platform that protects customer confidentiality when outside a trusted environment. We secure digital assets from external threats, and ensure privacy of data and communications.

We provide a complete communications solution allowing teams to collaborate securely. Team members can work together confidently and confidentially, trusting their correspondence and conversations are protected.



Gryphon was founded by industry pioneers. We are a trusted resource in delivering expertise to Enterprise, Government, and Military organisations.


by Design



in Protection

At Gryphon, we believe that collaboration leads to quality and builds trust. We partner with you to ensure that we understand your needs and provide you with the best solution to harden your security infrastructure.




Solutions Built For Business


A Resource
for You

We provide support from implementation to training and beyond. We are experts in understanding security vulnerabilities and ever-evolving trends. As an extension of your team, let us be part of your security success.



Let us show you the benefits of protecting your devices and adding secure communications to your users, inside and outside of your trusted environment.



Gryphon’s solution is built to allow for security and ease of use in a mobile environment. We integrate with your organisation to extend your secure corporate network to you, wherever you are, protecting your devices and communications from threat and intrusion.



Gryphon Secure is designed with the highest standards and protocols, and uses NIST- and FIPS-validated cryptography. We will also work with your local certification requirements.

About Gryphon

Information is a priceless possession. It is under increasing and unrelenting threat in today’s connected world. The Gryphon’s technology has been built by global leaders and pioneers in information security and is constantly evolving to meet ever-emerging threats.

At Gryphon, we believe that communication and information security is a basic right. The Gryphon team is passionately committed to our customers through collaboration, thought leadership, and driving for continuous trust and growth for our people.

We are Gryphon. We provide you with the assurance that your mobile communications and information are secure.

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